“My overall impression of the Power Fin prop is as follows: I have tried a total of 6 props on this airplane. Your prop runs the smoothest of any of them. It is the only one of the bunch that required no shims to get it to track. It is the lightest. For its size and pitch, it turns the easiest, and I am able to get the most performance out of my engine. The workmanship on the prop blades is superb.
In my opinion the quality of the product, for what you get, and for what it costs, is a big, big bargain.”
 - Gerald, MO
"I am loving my 3 blade white Powerfin prop on my CGS Hawk Sport. Hirth 3202 eng, cruising 75 mph at 4,500 rpm- 4 gph. I Detail it after every flight, 100+ hrs so far this past year, no nicks- dings- problems at all. I do seem to get a lot of compliments though!"

- Dave
"Flying powered parachute in the state of Wisconsin most of us recommend and have Powerfin props, very glad to hear that these props will be available."

- Michael, WI
"We have been using Powerfin for 9 years without any issues. The props are light and spin up fast. With leading edge protection they seem to last years. You get a lot more thrust than with our training props and they look nice too. Keep up the good work."

- Ashton B. (Green Eagle Powered Paragliding)
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