Thank you for your interest in POWERFIN Propellers! We are located in the high desert of Southwest Utah about 2 hours North-East of Las Vegas, NV. We stirve to to take care of our customers and employees to the best of our ability. We do so by offering top notch customer service/care and by making Powerfin an enjoyable place to work with a great atmosphere and competative wages.

       It is our commitment to continue to offer the Ultralight and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) communities the safest, most efficient, highest quality carbon fiber composite propellers available. We also strive to offer them at a price that is affordable and available to the general buying public. With that in mind, we are very proud to offer our selection of multi-blade Hubs & ground adjustable carbon-fiber composite Propellers. 

       POWERFIN has incorporated the services of professional engineers, designers, and consultants in order to arrive at our "American hand-crafted" product line. We sincerely believe that our Propellers are the best possible product in this industry for your money, as they are indeed the most thoroughly engineered propeller available to the light aviation industries. 

       We trust that the product descriptions and pictures throughout our website convey the craftsmanship that goes into each operation of our manufacturing process. From the CAD engineering to the CNC machined parts and molds, to the impeccable carbon fiber composite structure, to the unrivaled finishing; our design objectives were to exceed the competition while remaining competitively priced. We are confident that the quality, efficiency, and safety of our POWERFIN propellers consistently maintains a top-spot in the marketplace - even propellers costing many times more.  If you carefully compare features, we trust that you too, will come to that same conclusion. 

       We intend to serve the light aviation communities with integrity and to completely satisfied our customer base. And to that end we are always striving to improve our Propellers/Hubs and expand the product line. If we don't yet have a propeller to suit your needs, well, we hope to be working on it soon. 

       As you explore our website about the outstanding features of our propellers, please understand that we can put just about anything we want on this site. But what keeps us honest is the warranty we offer on our propellers. If you are not satisfied with your propeller for any reason at all, please return it in its originally shipped condition within 30-days for a full refund. There is also a full one-year warranty for free replacement of any defective part from our materials or workmanship.

       The intent of this website is to introduce you to the workings & integrity of our Propellers, and to provide a basic understanding of how to accurately compare the various propellers in the market - pointing out the important features to evaluate. Our experience has revealed that some facets are commonly underestimated and others are vastly overrated. A few examples of this are "Mass Moment of Inertia" and static thrust. Few people truly understand the importance of low inertial mass in a propeller and most people think that a static thrust measurement tells them everything they need to know about a propeller. Both notions are common misconceptions. If this website hits its mark, you will have a more complete understanding of these and other issues. We believe that as you begin to understand more about the important propeller issues, that you will appreciate the research & effort that has gone into the production of POWERFIN propellers. We sincerely endeavor to combine the best of our good-ole-American-fashion integrity and innovation with advanced technologies, to give you the best composite propellers possible for the Ultralight and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) communities.

       Finally, thanks for taking the time to inquire into our propellers! And if you get a moment, please share with us 
(E-MAIL US: info@powerfin.com) your thoughts and suggestions!